City Clerk FAQ

General Questions

Q.  When is City Hall open?
A. Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM, except for Federal holidays and weather emergencies.
Q. Where do I find a voter registration form?
A. Visit Commerce City Hall for information on registering to vote in Commerce.
Q. How do I find my polling place?
A. If you are unsure of your precinct location, check the Georgia My Voter Page. After a few questions to obtain your home address, it will provide the precinct number and location where you will go to vote as well as list which district elections within the state you are able to vote in.
Q. How do I obtain or replace a lost/stolen garbage or recycling bin?
A. Homeowners can replace their cans by contacting WastePro or City Hall.
Q. How do I report debris/waste that needs removal?
A. Contact Utilities/Planning at 706-335-4200.
Q. When and where are City Council meetings held?
A. The Commerce City Council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:00PM. The meeting location is the Commerce Civic Center 110 State Street, Commerce Ga 30529.
Q. How can I participate in City Council meetings?
A. City Council meetings are open for anyone to attend. If you would like to speak at a City Council Meeting, please call the City Clerk at 706-336-3288 at least 24 hours before the scheduled City Council Meeting.
Q. How do I find who our elected officials are?
A. The City of Commerce elected officials are listed on the Mayor & Council pages within the website. Jackson County elected officials can be found on the Jackson County website,
Q. How do I run for City Council?
A. Complete a Notice of Candidacy and Affidavit during the qualifying period and pay the qualifying fee for the office you are seeking. Forms are available at City Hall. The candidate should also refer to the Georgia Election Code and the City of Commerce Code of Ordinances.
Q. Where do I apply for a Business License?
A. All business owners in the City of Commerce must have a business license. Business licenses are handled by the City Clerk's office. Forms are listed on the Documents page under “About Us” on the City website. The form must be submitted to City Hall in person.
Q. When do I renew my Business License?
A. You must renew your business license each year by the last business day of the calendar year. A renewal package (letter) will be mailed to the address for the business in the month of October and the renewal package must be returned to the City Clerk before December 1st. Payment for the business license must be made before a license will be issued. Each year the new business licenses must be displayed in your business. Any questions on the renewal of your business licenses can be answered by calling the city clerk’s office.
Q. How do I change the name on my business license?
A. If you are within the Commerce City Limits, you can download the Business License Application. Fill in the application with the updated information. The form must be submitted to City Hall in person.
Q. Am I located within the City Limits?
A. Prior to submitting an application, please verify that the physical address of your business is within the Commerce City limits. Two different zip codes (30529 and 30530) have Commerce mailing addresses, however, they may not necessarily be located inside the City (some are in Banks County, Georgia). Post office boxes can be used for mailing addresses but not business location. For verification, contact the Planning Department at 706-335-4200 to have your location confirmed.
Q. If I am within the City Limits, do I need to get a Jackson County Occupational Tax Certificate?
A. You only need one occupational tax certificate to conduct business; if you are within city limits, you do NOT need to get a certificate from Jackson County
Q. Can I keep livestock on my property?
A. Contact Commerce Planning and Zoning at 706-335-4200.
Q. How do I know if I need a permit for my home remodel/project?
A. Contact Commerce Planning and Zoning at 706-335-4200.
Q. How do I legally block off sections of public road for an event?
A. For any event proposed within the City Limits, you should discuss your desires with the City Clerk and the Police Department months ahead of the planned event.

Alcohol Licenses
Q. Which license do I get first, the local (City) or the State?

A. In order to sell, offer for sale, or otherwise dispense any alcohol beverages within the City, the establishment must first obtain a license from the City of Commerce. In order to operate a business dealing in alcohol, you must also have a state alcohol license. Georgia is a local option license state, which means the local licenses must be issued before the State may issue a license permit. For questions regarding an Alcohol Beverage License, please contact the City Clerk.
Q. Are there age requirements for servers and employees?
A. A person must be 18 years of age or older to be employed in a restaurant to serve, sell, dispense or take orders for alcoholic beverages, or for any type of employment in a retail package store regardless of the tasks assigned. Managers and licensees of restaurants and package stores must all be 21 years of age or older.
Q. I am going to give the alcohol away at my business. Since I will not be selling the alcohol, will I need an Alcohol License?
A. Alcoholic beverage may not be provided without a license as a part of any business operation whether or not the beverages provided are complimentary. Source: Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) 3-3-3.
Q. Can an Alcohol License be transferred?
A. Alcoholic Beverage Licenses are not transferable. Any change of ownership not authorized by the City’s Code of Ordinances automatically cancels the last alcohol license issued to a business. The new owner must complete a new application for a new license.
Q. When do I renew my alcohol License?
A. All licensees holding licenses permitting the sale of alcohol are required to file their renewal application to renew their license by November 25th of each year. Applications are mailed out at the beginning of October of each year or can be found on the City’s website.