Vendor Information

Vendor Information
We are excited to partner with many different vendors for goods and services that will help us better serve our community. To help us expedite the invoice payment process, please complete the forms below and return to [email protected] or you can fax them to 706-335-6879

Due to IRS regulations in regards to 1099 reporting, we must collect a W-9 form from each vendor regardless of their status. If we do not have a W-9 on file for a vendor, the IRS requires us to automatically withhold 28% and remit to the federal government at the end of each year. Because of this requirement, the City of Commerce now has a policy of not remitting a check to a vendor until we have the proper forms on file. To ensure timely processing of payments please click on the file below and remit back to us.

Form W-9

With the passing of House Bill 87 in the Georgia Legislature, all state and local governments must comply with regulations on the verification of immigration status for vendors and contractors. Because of this the City of Commerce requires that E-Verify Affidavits be completed for any vendors who provide for "the physical performance of labor" as described in HB 87. These required documents are located below.

E-Verify Contractor Affidavit

E-Verify Sub-contractor Affidavit

For more information on House Bill 87 Click Here

New Vendor Packet Coming Soon!