Doing Business in the COC

Guide to Starting a Business or Doing business in Commerce

Planning and Zoning 
Jordan Shoemaker
545 Cedar Dr. Commerce, GA
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Downtown Development Director
Natalie Thomas
1645 S Elm St. Commerce, GA
706.255.7189 cell
[email protected]

City Hall
27 Sycamore St. Commerce, GA

Jackson County Environmental Health
260 Lee St. Jefferson, GA 

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
270 Athens St. Jefferson, GA 

Georgia Department of Revenue

Internal Revenue Services

Secretary of State

Commerce Opportunity Zone allows local governments to undertake redevelopment and revitalization efforts in certain older commercial and industrial areas.  The maximum state job tax credit is $3,500 per full time job.  The incentive which is available for new or existing businesses which create two or more jobs are credits which can be taken against the business's income tax liability and state payroll withholding.  The credits are available for areas designated by DCA as "Opportunity Zones". 

Commerce Rural Zone allows local government to assist businesses and investors in revitalization of downtown area designated as "Rural Zone" thru tax credits for qualified activities.  Credits will be available for job creation activities, investment in downtown properties, and renovation of properties to make them usable.  Job Tax Credit of $2,500 per new full time equivalent job per year up to 5 years. *  The Investment Credit is equivalent ot 25% of the purchase price.* The Rehabilitation Credit is equivalent to 30% of the qualified rehabilitation.*

*see FACT sheet for additional qualification information.