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 Equipment for Diana Food Industrial Pretreatment Facility



Street Sweeper - RFB 18-003- Bid Tally



Street Sweeper - RFB 18-002 - to be rebid



Water & Sewer System Improvements to Serve Industrial Park



StandBy Gas Main Installer - RFP 18-001 (Bid Tally)



Diana Food Industrial WWTP



WPCP Submersible Pumps - RFP17-011



Gas Main Install - RFB 17-010



GEFA Water System Improvements



 Gas Main Renewal - RFB 17-009



2017 Fire Truck Bid Summary 


Fire Dept. PPE Bid Summary 



Gas Main and Fiber Optic Line installation - RFP 17-008



Gas Dept. Line Truck - RFB 17-007 - Awarded to billy cain Ford



Patrol Vehicle Equiping - RFB 17-006



In-Car Video System - RFB 17-005 (Sole Submittal by Watcguard Video)



Wearable Video System - RFB 17-004 (Sole Submittal by Watcguard Video)



Patrol Vehicles 2016-2017 - RFB 17-003



 Pick-up Truck Purchase 2016-2017 - RFB 17-002 (Awarded  to Billy Cain Ford)



Right-of-Way Maintenance & Tree Trimming - RFP 17-001 (Pending Committee Meeting)




Sewer Inspection System- RFB 16-009 - Tally Sheet (Awarded to Municipal Equipment )



Directional Drill- ITB 16-008 - Awarded to Vermeer Southeast @ $177,600.00



 Gas Main Renewal - RFP 16-007 - Bid Results 




Bid Ad for - North South Connecting Sidewalk Project S219-11-42  



Water Plant Trac-Vac Rehab - RFP 16-006



Cherry St. Parking Lot & Plaza - RFP 16-005