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In this section you will find frequently requested documents. Look under a specific heading and select the link for the document you would like to review.



Board Member Application

Business License Application

Open Records Request Form

Alcohol License Application

Special Event Permit Application

Blueprint Strategy


Financial Documents

Budget Documents

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Document

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Document

Audit Documents

Fiscal Year 2018 Audit

Fiscal Year 2017 Audit

Fiscal Year 2016 Audit

Fiscal Year 2015 Audit

Fiscal Year 2014 Audit

Fiscal Year 2013 Audit

Fiscal Year 2012 Audit

Fiscal Year 2011 Audit

Fiscal Year 2010 Audit

Contractor / Vendor Documents

W-9 Form

E-Verify Contractor Affidavit

E-Verify Subcontractor Affidavit 

Tax Digest

2018 and 5 year history


Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

Commerce Community Participation Program

Commerce Combined Assessment

Commerce Character Area

Commerce Data Appendix

Zoning Map

Blueprint Strategy


Variance Application

Annexation and Rezoning Application

CHIP Application

CHIP Qualification Information



Drinking Water Report

Customer Service Policies & Procedures

Application For Utilities

ACH Draft Application

Backflow Prevention & Testing

Backflow Prevention Ordinance

Qualified Testers Listing

Application & Qualifications

Testing & Maintenance Report