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The City of Commerce is at a Level 2 Drought Response which will add restrictions to outdoor water use.  Outdoor landscape watering is ONLY allowed two days during the week.   Even-numbers address may water on Wednesday and Saturday between 4:00pm and 10:00am.  Odd numbered address may water Thursday and Sunday between 4:00 pm and 10:00.   In addition glasses of water provided to restaurant customers only upon request.

Prohibited outdoor water use under Level 2 Drought Response include:

  • Washing hard surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, gutters, driveways except when necessary for public health and safety
  • Water for ornamental purposes, such as fountains, reflecting pools and waterfalls
  • The use of fire hydrants, except for firefighting and public safety
  • Non-commercial washing of vehicles, such as cars boats, trailers, motorbikes, airplanes or golf carts
  • Non-commercial pressure washing of building or structures
  • Charity or non-commercial fund raisers, car washes

 Please call Commerce City Hall at (706) 335-3164 or (706 )335-4200 if you have any questions.  

Recreation Board Opening

The Commerce Parks & Recreation Board has an opening for a board position. The term would be for 3 years. This posting will be active through 2/20/2017.  If interested, please fill out the application below and return to Sandra Haggard at: or PO Box 348, Commerce, GA 30529. 

The Commerce Recreation Department Advisory Board meets quarterly.  The Commerce Recreation Department Advisory Board meets quarterly.  The principle function of the Advisory Board is to recommend policies for the government of the Department.  The advisory board must exercise knowledge and skill in making reasonable suggestions for the management of the Department.  Advisory Board members are guides and counselors.  The Advisory Board is to advise the community, department and city council with regard to policy, rules and programs, and to assist in fundraising when necessary.  To provide, establish, maintain and conduct a city-wide public recreation program; to participate actively in local, state, and national recreational affairs; to educate the citizens of the City of Commerce and supporting community by disseminating among them information concerning development and progress of the recreation program.  The Advisory Board shall make recommendations that promote the means necessary to establish, maintain, equip, and conduct playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation center, and other recreation activities and facilities.  The Advisory Board shall also recommend any form of recreation or cultural activity that will employ the leisure time of the people of the community in a constructive and wholesome manner, and for such purposes shall recommend ways to carry on activities on any of the properties owned or controlled by said City with consent of the City Manager, Mayor and Council of said City, or on other properties with the consent of the owners thereof.


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